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3rd Jan 2019 - Forex Diary

8:08 GMT

hi everyone .....back in the saddle today

big selloffs so far on the Yen for london anything into it ....


yen came back 50% on the london bear move before recommencing a selloff (50 pips)...........thats a big ask for scalpers to wait for

CADJPY is the best mover so far back into trend .....with 30 pips off the floor ....cad is a strong raging bull now late london heading into US early action

EJ has come back some 30+ pips off the support at 121.95 , but is it enough ?


more extensions from those last currencies bear Yen and Bull CAD ...........nice nice action still

beware that yen back at london support level though over ?


was i fussed about the flashcrash last night ?..........nope as i wasnt trading

i focused on what moved this morning and clearly yen was coming back towards POC

thats it games .......I trade what i see guys and make money


cad index has put +140 pips on now from london open 6am .....unstoppable

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