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RIP Patrick (aka Major Magnum)

MAJOR MAGNUM (patrick) - RIP Hi Everyone .....I have received news today that Patrick (Major Magnum) sadly passed away from a serious illness over xmas period..... Patrick was only 49 years old ....a great tragedy ......he was a good guy and a great Trader MM was a protege of Forexmospherian (on the Trade2win forums) and eventually went on to develop his own trading skills further ...I literally can only count a handful of traders i have met who could make money consistently like he could......awesome talent MM and Forexmospherian left Trade2win when we all got banned for some disagreements with other members of Trade2win at the time who would not accept or believe the performance he and Forexmospherian were doing day in day out ...... I returned to T2win ......but the guys went off and did their own things across other forums...last time i talked to MM before xmas he was in his new trading office and banging out the big daily gains as he always did .....jees he was good..... I have already raised a cup to him .......another close trading friend gone far to early in their life .....(I lost a mentor a few years back to cancer) Patrick leaves a wife and 2 children RIP mate ..........and God Bless

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