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14th Jan 2019 - Forex Diary


morning all ..... GBP under pressure today london session .....sell


still cranking cable resells .last one was offered at 2827 down to 2823 so far ....

swissie and AUD are the bull plays at moment ......shows major weakness in the big volatile G8s then


another resell opp at 2830 ...........


gbp eased off the gas a little ......euro is more a seller now so scalping from 1460s to 1450s so far ...GBP will come back ....i'll wait for 2830s again


waitign waiting on cable to resell.....hard work ......2850 finger on trigger


gbp flipped to bull mode earlier .....been trying to work cable north then for a while

another scalp back in at 2861 2867 so far

i said GBP would be the most volatile currency next few days so i would hunt it mercilessly

heres the default 20ma on a 5min chart with red GBP highlighted .....look at it ripping up and down and elipsing all the other currencies so far .....thats momentum and volatility !!


all a bit bunchy now so taking a break ,.....Euro been bear but hardly offering classic pips

later ...had a decent morning chasing Cable

may short cable next few mins ...waiting


2856 sold cable


2850 will lock in b/e as its tooo tight at moment

missed top by 3 pips ...thats crap scalping ...jees im slow today

ok back later ......i wont lose on that scalp ...letting it run if possible


drifted trailer to 2841 now so far

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