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21st Jan 2019 - Forex Diary

twitchy morning so far .....i havnt really scalped much .... NZD is the bull currency at moment ............cad the sell im waiting for GBP to show its colours impluse is bear off the overnights .... low 2860s befroe i start hammering cable south ucad buys and NZD buys are actually the primary scalps


ok correlation a little screwy today for my favourite cable pair .....half decent signal offered at 2867 a few mins back ...but i really need to wait for low 60 pullbacks earliest to be safer ....cable at 60 now so game on


game on now unless you guys missed it .......cable 2848 already


cable down to 35/36 so far keep hitting it on retraces now

ucad (as prev commented to buy) up from 3265 to 84 so far this morning .....


sorry guys ...i got little tied up trading with some other traders so was not posting on forums

ok Cable got down to low 30s earlier (i had scalped it south)...then it turned over ....must admit i hav'nt chased it much so far north...........whilst GBP is indeed a strong Bull is USD !

Ucad has offered Scalp action from 3260s to 3314 so far .....and i was scalping it most of the way (See earlier posts)

its retracing at moment

looking at my strengthmeters i have been on the best mover re the bull UCAD in the absence of Cable happening

Swissie , Euro , and AUD have all had bear be traded against a bullish Yen , USD , GBP and NZD

back later


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