24th Jan 2019 - Forex Diary


morning all ...

well im on cable again (hey go with the volatility)

GBP is a bear .......nice solid selling from early london

Cable scalping from 3060s to 3030s so far .......great start to day with a lot of pips in frame already

selling Euro and Cad as well into yen and usd ....but GBP is the alpha bear


Sorry been tied up with some training...... ok GBP and Euro have been the sells most of the day .......last 2 hours USD fell south as well so thats why you have been struggling on those pairs to sell them .... i last sucessfully scalp sold Cable down into the 3020s.......a couple of scratch resells since got me out with a few pips loss....actualy offering again right now around 3044.......

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Watch this space ......

hey gang, Im currently tied up on various projects so will probably not be posting here for a while now .... everyone knows where to reach me if they need help or advice on my indicators and strengthm


hey gang i know that 8 currencies swinging around any of my indicators looks like a deranged jackson pollock Picture ! its mayhem ! ....lines everywhere ! so remove some ....focus on the currencies yo