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25th Jan 2019 - Forex Diary


morning all ...

ok gbp selling hard so far ...ive already scalped Cable south ....

went aggressive around the low 3120s .....trailing down steadily to 3090s so far

good solid start to day

CAD and NZD the Bulls so far .......but used USD against GBP as i do 95% of the time at moment


resold cable at 3110 ....3100 now


3089 now ...nice move


cable down to 3070 at times ........GBP is flattening ...not sure how much else is in the tank now london....


usd and yen have played out real bear over last few hours ......steady buys on most currencies into the dynamic duo .....GBP was a late bull starter but has done really well coming from 3060s to 3170s so far ...100 pip move

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