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1st Feb 2019 - Forex Diary


hi gang ...sorry re delay ...been tied up with some other traders coaching and trading....

initially this morning i was selling yen and usd into mainly the europeans

it was pretty tight though ...real real messy

eventually GBP dropped through the floor and ive been selling Cable ever since

nothing wrong with steady buying on EU and EJ though ...but G8 correlation is a little screwed today so far


ok GBP index fell to around -70 pips earlier and bounced the index Support line some 2 to 3 times ...........its reversed back around 50% now so hopefully we may see some reselling soon Euro and more recently Cad have been the days buys .... USd and Yen are net bears today ......but relatively quiet .... cable sold down to 3040s after hitting 3110s in early london session so i sold it down all the way Cable has only just proved itself to me as a bull from around 3070 level......its a buy but I am really really looking for some aggressive reselling in truth before we close the week THE WEEK

overall its been a real bad week for GBP index ...its some 260 pips south of asian opens last sunday night

NZD been the best bull performer.......usd and yen very very neutral for week N

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