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Mentoring 101

responding to a forum talking about best trading mentors/coaching needed

look guys one can become a professional and consistently profitable trader without help.... I would love to tell you that it is possible to go there all alone but you cant ........ just as in life , business , sports , vocations , personal development .........wherever you strive to better yourself to the highest levels of sustained performance and excellence ........ You are at some point gonna need help ........ however..... that does'nt mean rush out and find the first person who tells you he will make you richer , fitter , faster , smarter , healthier know it cant work like that ! I suggest you :- take your time .......

decide what you really want to achieve ...dont be vague , map it out down to real details

Utilise free resources to do this phase ... just buy a book on goal setting to help you if needed spend a long as you need on this phase .........engage both the emotional and logical parts of your brain and try to sense and feel where you want to much as possible...both sides will be telling you things so listen and follow / test ! then start the journey .........still if possible unemcumbered by any heavy mentoring or coaching until absolutely necessary.... i know this sounds dumb but i truly believe that fate and circumstances will get you to where you need to be over time .....Buddism teaches that everything in life happens to people at the perfect time and perfect place ........even though people dont ever think that at the time ! anyway im just saying dont rush it and let it all flow .........but we all need help at times ....just make sure its the right time and what you re looking for...not some blind hope that a magical messiah has appeared to you ! N

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