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Adapt Adapt Adapt....

heres a response to someone on my long running Forex Factory Thread on Strengthmeters

Trade2win is my spiritual Home and where i started reaching out and sharing my ideas way back in early 2000's .......but I still like FF ...its obviously more Forex Focused which is my area of expertise...and has some amazing programmers and Traders i have been lucky enough to work with over the years ......and it also has a pretty good Forex Calendar Diary........

Hi D

I hope you are well and profitable !

for day trading I do primarily use the 1 min TF ....but I also use other variations dependent on the speed and dynamics of the market and the specific

pair being traded

I can easily step right back to the 5 min if needed or perhaps a hybrid like the 2 or even 3 min TF to shift the gears around

im also a big fan of Range bars and also Renko based charts ...(not heiken Ashi - the real deal stuff).....I worked for about 6 months with some really really good renko traders back in 2018 developing some pretty effective systems for Forex and the Dax i can switch to those as needed

it really depends what the market is doing.............

you have to be able to recognize and adapt quickly to market conditions ......thats why 95% + of forex traders fail as they sit there blindly watching for limited patterns and signals on perhaps just 1 or 2 pairs .........

they are like a blindfolded boxer trying to beat an opponent with full vision....they are never going to win



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