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G8 action - week ending 8/2/2019

Big week this week on the Forex G8...some nice moves

aside from my daily dabblings in trading the london opens (as posted here daily)...I do trade on higher TFs trying to catch the mood/trends of the week ..........

This week it was all about the Greenback USD going a solid solid Bull all week.......

as Equity markets softened this week people ran to the old school Yen , USD and Swissie for cover ....


good to see we can still get the decent tribal patterns that I used to "cream" on a daily basis a few years back ....

anyway it was easy meat if you were taking positions through the week buying this trio into weaker currencies ....CAD and GBP were particularly hit at times....

Even thursday and Friday there was still more trades and money there .........something i get nervous on with the weekend approaching and traders looking to close out or lock winning positions taken earlier in week

thats interesting we saw no ease up on the RISK ON accelerator even into the weekend ?

beware next weeks action !

have a good one gang



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