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11th Feb 2019 - Forex Diary

13:12 GMT

hey all

interesting morning .....sorry ive also been on a lot of calls so not much time to post

ok USD continues to rise from last week ...solid gains so far london session

ive been selling european currencies when offered...CAD is big bad bull so not in sell frame so far

ive been selling Cable from 2930s around 7.30 am to 2910s ....then ....managed 2 cycles as Cable pulled back to 2930s twice around 9.10 am and 11.20 am .....both times selling off to 2890 s where a big bad support level is showing up

swissie is weak as well.....but as another Risk on/off currency sometimes USDCHF can be a funny pair to try to follow



hi guys ...i do trade higher TFs ....... ive got a real fat sell signal looming on GBPCHF ...resell around the 2933 area may slip a little more if the high pushes higher .....but its really showing a big fat sell on my dashboards ..i'll probably put an order in to save me watching ...


GBPCHF triggered earlier .....i would personally put a stop above that recent 2970 1 down to next support level the 2914-20s ?


in the last hour or so ive tried to thump cable resells when offered .....

2880s sold down to 2860s.......last resell was at around 2877 (stop around 2884) about 10 mins ago ...down to 2873 so far

GBPCHF now 2921 .....but you cant faff with these like scalps .........i'll let it run out to T1


on GBPCHF........2914 was hit gang .....that was my suggested T1 off this trade starting around 2933 all means come to B/e on this and try to let it run

not much off a wider spread (why i wouldnt scalp this) ...but the signal was a real real peach


NZDUSD quiet active ......this pair heavily sell orientated on Highr TFs ...happy tokeep reselling it at moment

last nice sell around 6740 to low 6731/2


im calling some decent resells of euro into Euro pairs guys .....check around


EURCAD begging to resell around 5013 / 14 levels


already 5010.......add the stop around 5020 earlier and worth a punt .....but again i tryto work with ultra low spread pairs if i can like usd based ones ......swings and roundabouts as EURCAD will be less manipulated by big banks


i could have taken some 6-7 trades across different pairs in last 30 mins .....nice market


6735 gagging resell


reselling CAD across the pairs on 1min / 5m TF looks a go ........


ucad was 3315 earlier ...beautiful buy up to 3324 so far ....Cad is primed to resell more guys

thanks for some of the kind messages today gang .......its just one of those days seeing the trade signals as big as a towerblocks....and they are going ok generally !!

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