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FXCorrelator settings

[quote=Emerald2112;11984598]{quote} Hi, I just loaded the correlator thanks. I cant see that the cross matched the 20MA cross on the chart... {image}[/quote]

Hi There Emerald

many thanks for downloading my indicator ....several thousand traders have now opted to use this free version and i hope it is as useful to you as it has been to us !

ok I am extremely surprised at what i am seeing in your picture here....that crossover is way off the mark !

heres my indicator further below on same time / place

the FXCorrelator in fact works on the LMWA (linear weighted Average)....why it does is a long story from its development in the early 2000's and a programmer i was working with at the time.... I have various versions of my Basic FXCorrelator involving just about every type of moving average ......but in truth its not life and death most of the time .....smoothed vs SMA vs LMWA ......all pretty tight worries

ive put a LWMA and a Simple MA on the chart below at same time .....ive removed all other lines on the FXCorrelator (easily done using the settings) except the green USD and the RED gbp you can see .....ALL on a 20ma setting .......i think my chart shows BOTH MAs are crossed when the red / green lines cross as should be happening I can only think that you do not have a 20ma on your main chart or that its another non standard variation of the 20ma

let me know if this is fixed now ....heres the original Indicator links below for those who havnt got this useful piece of Kit !



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