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Exits & Continuation indicators

I answered a question on Exit strategies and also Continuation indicators at T2win ..... Exit strategies had this old thread running a while back.....most Exit stuff mentioned ...

think chandelier was in there somewhere , SAR .....a lot of other stuff that may be interesting ?

personally i would suggest you also look at ATR forming part of any exit strategy.....but thats just me ....

Continuation wise indicators ......hmmm

perhaps the macd where both Ma lines are already on same side and then fast Ma crosses back into good as any ive seen .............not what i do but its half decent if you work the settings and perhaps add a few other bells and whistles

heres VP explaining more on the MACD..............i'm NVP buy the way so we are not related !!!...although we've exchanged correspondance on some his work which i find interesting


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