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18th Feb 2019 - Forex Diary

8:16 GMT

hey all

early days on market .....nothing really shaping for me yet


jees sloooooooooow morning ........ZZZZZZZ

i cannot get excited about chasing a bear NZD........not on london session ...everyone generally decent i trade in zombie state so far

a little EJ scalp buying recently .....but i am truly clutching at straws ....which you do not do on a monday morning trying to force it to come ....


ok the europeans got bullish earlier and yen and USD finally flashed a little bear action.....

i got brave on cable arpund 2908 levels and it got to 2930s earlier ....retracting at moment

EJ , EU all possible for buys .........

on 1 hour charts a lot of the the bullish euro and GBP pairs all offering decent options to rebuy when offered


ok GBP buys been ok ...and NZD still selling .......average day ......

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