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Quality Training.....

providing a quality and results orientated training experience for traders is a hard and demanding Task.....perhaps thats why i'm not quite there yet .....plenty in place but not all ready to deliver great quality and value for my future customers ....... work in progress ....N

I know probably a handful of decent quality orientated trainers i would recommend to inexperienced traders ...... funnily enough none of them do promotional videos in hired private jets or sitting in silly exotic cars drinking champagne .....or in hotel rooms telling you how to become a millionaire if you are that dumb to pay for these shameful training company courses then you deserve to lose your money .....cmon smell the coffee here .....its fairytale land guys .....get real !

[QUOTE="For sure, it (Training Traders) should be a full time job (just online, but still full time) to bring substantial results.

You need to have a quite popular page with a huge amount of subscribers and/or visitors.

At the same time, once you have such popular resource, you can try different ways to monetize it.[/QUOTE]

monetizing training sites and Academies and systems for Trading is a hard slog and generally only the companies prepared to throw a lot of marketing, commissions to affiliates and IT social network kickbacks make it succeed (for them though - not the customers).........

unfortunately these are by no means the best places for traders to learn to trade .....they are expensive for the poor originality and quality of training provided but remember you have to keep the owners in their hired jests (for the advertising video purposes) and eating expensive meals in exotic restaurants.....they are not earning from trading ...its a small % of their income streams at the best of times ......

the REAL quality training sites and trainers lurk much lower below the surface of the superficial pretenders ....and need to be found by reliable recommendations (not affiliate bribes and kickbacks) and discussions on the big forums .....


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