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Simple Setups

great shout out to Florin who contacted me on skype this morning are you man !!! ok great question from him re a simple system .....heres one i talk about a lot in my links pages confluence on 2 Timeframes !!! heres 1hr and 4hr FXCorrelator on a 20ma see how the Grey CH and the Blue Euro are on same side ......BUY see how the Yellow Yen and the turquoise NZD are on same side ......Sell now try to look for combos of those pairs once they retrace a little ....they should then come back into the patterns above buy strength , sell weakness is the key but for entries i always recommend that inexperienced traders initially start with CONTINUATION trades look it up guys ........thats a solid and robust strategy for new traders to learn on .... continuations into established trends have a great day and thanks to Florin for popping into my Skype channel N

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