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11th Mar 2019 - Forex Diary

morning all last week in canaries on a mates monitors today ...using my laptops

ok its been steady buying on GBP pairs this morning .......for example i was happy buying from 2990 upwards on Cable and its hot 3004s so far ....


GBP dumped some 200 pips last week so 'im also looking to see if i can swing some sell trades at some point this week on GBP pairs of higher TFS .....

GBP has already hit some 60 pips bull this week from asian opens .........thats a decent retrace already on last week for many GBP pairs .......which are flagging up resell opportunities...

this is the wonderful paradox of trading ...........always at least 2 sides to any situation .....

have a good day


12:47 GMT

heres a few interesting plays ...although the speads can kill you

at this moment i would be watching the following pairs on the 5mins

EURCAD (5090) rebuys potentially soon

USDCAD (3426) rebuys potentially soon


couldnt wait ...goalrushed Ucad rebuy at 25 now at 3430 already


just took a T1 on that ...still too early to rebuy it seems


cable looks interesting at 3040 for rebuys


46 already ....quick or dead gang ....


3090 hit ....jees thats some nice moves....some 50 pips in about 30 mins .


cable fell back to 3066 earlier but i missed the rebuys ....dammit

it got back up to 82 but its not holding we drift into the us session i am tempted to start looking at the larger plays for GBP as discussed earlier ....

GBP index hit a 200 pip selloff yesterday ....and today weve seem 100+ bull retrace ......

i am looking here to start taking some bear positions on gbp pairs higher TFs .......lets see

for example ....

cable looks interesting on the 1 hours ......muchos selling recently and now we are retracing north

i wont get into selling just yet but the dynamics are promising into US session....


nope......gbp not ready to fold south......still pushing bull in us session

approx 60% retrace now on GBP from last weeks big selling...interesting

i have still been buying gbp once i realised it wasnt folding......the higher TF move re last week can may need the asian session to break the move back as traders take some profits on todays big moves

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