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14th Mar 2019 - Forex Diary


morning all..... well the brexit fiasco continues.....theres a brexit thread on t2win where I and others are voicing their frustrations and opinions so i wont bore you here ...this is a trading thread ok after a selloff the GBP is back and doing ok london opening so far....its flattened but ive been in GBP cable since 3260s and it got to 3290s last run up just took another 78-85 fast scalp but its a little flat at moment gbp pairs brexit volatility is dwarfing the market most days so im rarely drifting onto other pairs at moment ....... 8:02

just scalped another easy trade 3277 - 3286 so far ...


gbp come way south since my last post ......sorry i am still on borrowed kit in canaries and not able topost as much as usual

i started reselling cable around 3274/5 ...been down to 3208 so far complaints

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