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15th Mar 2019 - Forex Diary


my last day trading in the canary islands mate will finally get his room back !!

ok again gbp dominates the markets for volatility and opportunities can trade other pairs but they are crawling compared to GBP pairs ....and i need action to make money intraday trading

gbp sold off early doors london ...cable fell to 3200 levels but i really felt we were going to see a bounce off support ....and we did so i got in from around 3220s to 3270 so far ............50 pip range/ move to make money .....

swissie is selling if you fancy other pairs to play


funny old day today .....

gbp up and down like a tarts knickers......

anyway I will keep trying to play a rebuy on GBP ....but with only Cad and swissie as primary sells its tricky

UCAD or UCHF buys more safe at moment

there was a lightning buy op on cable at around 3244/45 51 so far ....jees that was fast


superb rebuy offered on Ucad earlier soon after this post.....33324/3330 sat up and begged been to 3370


cad looked a little oversold ive been scalping the bull move so far ....not much ...ive been selling ucad from around the 3358/7 levels after that third refusal to go bull again ....

sold off to 3344 so far so hardly flying be prepared to come in hard bull again on ucad

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