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18th Mar 2019 - Forex Diary


morning all.....

ok i am back in uk but the house is still being renovated so we are spending time with family and also the lodge later this week

i am on skeleton system with only 1 laptop so i cant post much ...sorry

nice easy morning....i was mainly on cable (theres a surprise !!)

gbp was good selloff from early london ......euro lead the buys

ive been in cable from 3270's down to 3220's so far ....

cads coming south as well but i'll watch that


so we got cable down to 3180s i was able to scalp trade cable down for during its 90 pip net fall overall today .... no complaints and plenty of opportunities

yens had a decent bull run today so far ...and CAD has been bear as already discussed ......but GBP is the daddy again

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