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21st Mar 2019 - Forex Diary


morning all

been watching market for last 90 mins and its pretty quiet .....GBP just took off bear so am rolling into sterling shorts now ......


got into cable around 3205/10 area down to 3164 so far .....nice momo


my last scalp on cable was the 76-59 resell around 9.15 .....not convinced on this recent one 76-70 so never took it


76 holding the resistance line ...i may get back into scalping cable south soon


cable got to 3107 so far .....hard work

taking a long hard look at 3134 at moment for resells

yen and usd looking fairly bullish so far .......CAD sells are options ...and a scrappy EJ buys at times


cable Bear finally loosened up again....been down to 3074 again now ....

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