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Hi guys I'm looking into "online-trading" and considered to invest. So i did my job and research the Review sites that recommend and don't recommend brokers and "software" to trade with. I found something special, all of them are recommending one broker or software ( kinda pushing it) and it alerted me, however i found one and i need your opinion did anyone had interactions with [removed for legal reasons] It looks legit and onto point but I'm still scared by previous sites. Thank you for any information

NVP says

run away quickly......very quickly from this garbage.... market comparison sites , review sites , expert guide sites ?? ALL funded from hidden commissions and kickbacks ......regardless of market or products involved ....(in my opinion) even the multi million pound comparison sites in the uk have very controversial revenue / funding streams.............they are definitely not providing a full range of options and certainly steering customers towards commission based offers from their "independent" reviews and guides .....nonsense ! I have dealt with some of the "independent" expert trading sites out there and they are all ultimately asking me for commissions for their referrals .....they have no problem sending traders to unregulated and unvalidated sites for money go figure ! so smell the coffee and do your own due dilligence ....PLEASE ! i would stick to brokers that are :- 1) Large (well funded) 2) Regulated (pref legit countries like US / UK) 3) old (tenure = stability) 4) easy to deal with (try them out) that way you may pay a little more for spreads / commissions .....but at least you will be able to get your money when you need it ..... dont be tempted by some 2 bit startup company in some 2 bit wont ever see your money again ..... N

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