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24th Apr 2019 - Forex Diary


hey all ....

ok low volatility again today so far (well back to normal really until brexit warms up again)

euro and gbp are flagging sells .......usd is neutral ....swissie , cad indicating a little bull action

far too early to play as yet



GBP and Euro are continuing to look bearish and cad has now come south (interesting combos)

Yen , swissie bullish ...and usd hanging bull now

so ive been trying to scalp Cable south and Ucad north....on EJ sells as well

got cable down from 2930s to 2920 now so far (getting better)

got EJ down from 125.40s to 125.20s now so far

got ucad up from 3440s to 3450s so far

but pretty grindy gang careful

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