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Forex G8 - 2019 performance

hey all .... just a quick look at the bigger picture on the G8 this year so far the chart below shows the relative strength (approx in pips) of each currency since 1/1/2018 the main winners so far are Yen and USD it seems ...... Yen (yellow) was the Alpha buy in 2018 ...but has tumbled so far in 2018 (yellow) - its rallying though USD (green) was ok in 2018 ...but after a little stubbling is now back at 2018 high levels and battering the resistance line (Green) the greenback is on a roll guys and people are watching GBP (red) had an annus horriblus in 2018 (like brown Cad)...but a decent 2019 to date ....most people here that follow my trading know that i am a big follower of Cable (GBPUSD) with the brexit twist its been my mainstay for a few years now due to its volatility and rich picking offerings if you know what to do and when to do it..... other items of interest but i wanted to flag these 3 guys going forward there are thousands of commentary sites and millions of experts selling traders their opinions on what happens next and what to do ...........but heres the truth No one knows crystal balls holy grail (despite what some traders tell you.....) so find a trading system that works for you.....and test it .....and let the market tell you what its doing based on those rules ..........if you apply your system to the markets with intelligence and discipline (MM) and ensure your execution is 100% perfect every time...........then you will ultimately be a sucessful trader ....I promise you.... if you are trading forex - forgive me for being a little bias in saying that with 28 currency pairs available on the G8 really need to consider using a forex Strengthmeter (like my fxcorrelator) in your approach to ensure optimum currency pair selections......why be trying to trade the pairs with the least profit potential ? have a good day ......... N

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