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3rd May 2019 - Forex Diary

15:45 GMT

hey all......

sorry been busy trading and doing some coaching as well .....not really had time to post much at all on mainstream forums today

for those scalping the moves have been pretty solid today so far

London session saw GBP pretty weak so some nice sells there against anything really

CAD , USD and Yen prevailed as Bull plays .....

US session has seen a big change around .....GBP swung some 50 pips bull so far on main pairs will have taken a while to accept that move did for me ......

USd has swung some 40 pips south from london highs .......

so cable has swung north some 90 pips since london lows of say 2990s so far ....

i was comfortable getting bullish on cable around 3010 levels 60-70 pips of pretty plain sailing for pm session london time

CAd just kept coming north ...nice moves 30+ pips from 6am london

all happening again as i speak as GBP really coming back north even harder ....

have a good weekend


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