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Forex week ending 10th May 2019

what a week ......

i'm covered in paint 24/7 and my house turned into an edition of DIY SOS (7 vans and 10 builders on site was my record on wednesday ! )

despite my brave and valiant attempts to trade everyday I've had to capitulate and just help get the work completed this/next week

i'm also under threat of death from my wife ....who has now been living away from the house for nearly 3 months !

week-wise.... it was relatively stable / undistinguished : -

GBP (red) took progressive bear hits each day ....and not even a small rally on Friday (ominous sign ?)

JPY (yellow) took some nice bull action through week - holding on Friday

both currencies above pretty much mirroring their respective bull/bear pip moves whilst the rest of the G6 played tourist in relatively small ranges

so hats off to the GBP bears / JPY bulls out there made the bucks whilst others that did not play here were left with slime picking indeed

remember ...the FXCorrelator enables trader to find the trending currencies quickly and easily ......why trade pairs that are not moving ? ....tradings hard enough as it is !

have good weekend ....i'll be covered in usual !


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