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The Holy Grail ?

so alongside my trading / Gambling roots - I come from a financial / commercial corporate background with some 40 years in the game you value businesses by a multitude of yardsicks but the primo one is future revenue / profit generation so if someone handed you a guaranteed system .....even say for 5 years guaranteed profits how much would you expect to pay .......given if its guaranteed success.....your staking would become geometrically astronomical very quickly even perhaps a relatively small edge of say 5% per trade would rapidly increase your capital base so when you are asked for say £2-300 to receive this system / training ....... what do you think ? 1) this guy has really underpriced his product - he must really like me 2) perhaps its not what it seems so smell the coffee guys ..........even if you paid £2-3,000 for a system ..........imagine the returns you could make very quickly on the holy grail would generate more returns than the guy who bought google or facebook prelaunch would be a millionaire inside a year if traded / managed correctly...... and all for £3k or less ? - bargain ! its all fake guys .....its all fake .........when offered such nonsense .....please save your money or talk to experienced traders who can get your head back on quickly ...........

it is possible to become a profitable trader ....but not from such garbage.....

Time , practice , research ..... experience .....focused learning .......and yes some training and mentoring .....but not this nonsense we see advertised in the markets ...... trust me


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