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4th June 2019 - Forex Diary

8:00 GMT

morning all ...

trading a little this morning ..........but not yet fully up to speed on trading room yet

ok USD is bear so far today ....yen following risk on plays prominent

im following cable buys (naturally)....euro bull has promise so far ........nothing really dominating bulls at moment

EJ last scalp was from around 121 44/45 to 121.58 so far

GU last scalp was from 2672/3 to 2685 so far ...

GU last scalp was from 1253/4 to 1272 so far ...

twitchy though gang so be careful ...


yen bear accelerating now into hyperdrive ......EJ at 121.69......nice

G8 summary

GBP had a horrendous May .......lost round 500 pips as an index ........hopefully we get a better june

euro is best currency index so far in June putting on about 50 pips net so far .....thats why im happy to have it lead a lot of the scalping action at moment and on the opposite side of the fence USD some 70 pips down in June so far

thats what i do the alphas and dont fight the trend guys ....


being patient ............gbp dropped thopugh the floor now ....

im waiting to get back into euro bull rebuys on EJ and EU

ucad looks interesting when reselling commences

usd needs to start falling though ..its really pushing bull at moment


messy session

USD has wandered back north from decent sells earlier

Yen held bear ......but my euro has fallen towards it rendering a scrappy EJ morning

UJ (buys) was actually a decent play last few hours but i dont like that pair at all as they tend to move together and you are only playing off the volatility of the Yen compared to the slower USD

GBP rallied back but what to sell into it on scalping spreads ? ....nada

so all in all a relatively slowish session for me ......but thats trading

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