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18th Jun 2019 - Forex Diary

hey gang .....

pretty quiet so far this week.......heres a 1 hour TF on standard 20ma default FXCorrelator (bottom chart) and my fixed start chart (top)

euro and yen had strong openings this week............gbp is bear play .....

for todays scalping sessions i am going to sit on hands and wait for a gbp resell into us session ......if i were being a perfectionist (and markets hate perfection) .......i would like to see that gbp hit the resistance level on top chart and then sell off again .....

if i'm swinging instead of looking for scalp profits i would happily take GJ or EG or GU based on dynamics of the secondary currency at the moment of trade



10:50 gmt

based on that last post i'm still sitting on hands theoretically for longer plays .....gbp still winding bull at moment unless i'm scalping its wait for gbp to resell..........

euro is real nice bear play so far london..... so EG is pulling back as best prospect for a rebuy on those 3 pairs mentioned earlier

heres it on 1 hour .....that earlier bar was huge across all pairs ......euro really dropped some pips


so EJ stalled bull.....i am back in if we can see improvement below 121.19

3422 ucad rebuy opportuities ....


nope cant get ucad above those levels yet

nice opp to resell EJ earlier around 12.07 ...i was called away unfortunately ....urrr

121.28 from there down to 121.11 so far

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