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5th Jul 2019 - Forex Diary


morning all

its the holiday weekend in USA ......

european currencies have been weak last 5 days ......rst of the pack generally bull with CAD the Alpha so far

today its still light volumes i suspect ....

GBP running bull today , USD as well london session so far ...AUD the alpha Bear so far

if i can get yen running with USd bull i will sell europeans today into weekly trends .....

flaky stuff so not that on it today so far



a little earlier now in 2580s i noticed enough rejection of cable price to sell it now ....lets see ...low 2570s now


cable 2563 off 2580s where i started selling ....ive got europeans selling based on weeks trend good as its gonna get today


cable low 2549 so far pair of the morning and we were on it ...sorry guys i cant make it better than that ...nothing to work with at moment


interesting moves prior to US action .....

USd gone real bull .....nice action ........I needed to see cable get confident in its reselling so didnt resell earlier until back into the 2540's ....been to 2515 now ....nice action following the weeks trend

swissie been good as well off that usd move ........UCHF buys ......


2484 the cable low today .....thats about 100 pips off where i started selling all day ....

no complaints

cheers guys


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