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Sabaticals can work !

hey all ...........I hope everybody is well at T2win ! ok I apologise for my extended absence......basically i am working on some business projects that are taking up significant levels of time and effort ..........alongside a little overdue vacation time as well in August ! The Projects and Industries involved in my work are mainly non Trading in nature ....but i like that as it gives me an enforced break from my trading activities and refreshes my outlook on them ............It allows me to step back and ensure i am "on point" regarding what i am doing and how i am progressing in the trading a sabbatical So how am i doing ? one of the current projects i am working on is around industry and market analysis ...and finding new and innovative ways to create new markets and insights ...........fascinating stuff when applying this to Trading and how the trading industry works I see a pretty stagnant and tired market...... with vendors , brokers , educators, Influencers, sponsors and Regulators all recycling old and defunct materials with absolutely nothing that is innovative or creative of new value for anyone.......... I see out of date Country Regulations unable to understand or control the industry ...........or able to comprehend the main (and future) drivers of the industry and how to facilitate true value creation and protection for their constituents going forward so we need change..........or it will continue on its sad journey meanwhile I will continue as i am .....I'm pretty happy with my forex strategies and my own little world inside trading at this time complaints and I dont feel like changing the trading world at this moment in time ....!!! anyway enough ..........enjoy whats left of the summer and i will be back soon

I would recommend Sabbaticals to everyone - They Work ! N

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