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GBP bashing ......

been hammering GBP sells today across other currencies (durrrrr - no brainer - easy money)

Cable easiest at times but its sloooooooowed considerably now

been selling from 2030s earlier ....down to 1960s so no complaints

last trade was around 11.15 last time ........but weak move from 1993 to around legs

im hopeful its coming again now ....half chance at 2032.....(its been to 2020)... .but too risky for me ....i'll wait for firmer pushback to confirm trend again

GBP and Euro very tighly correlated so i will stick with Cable at moment ...if you want to fall asleep ...AUD is a strong buy against selling BP .....but not on fast scalps



cable looks hot for another resell....2029 ..........just trying to time the move


2024 trigger breach guys ...closing bar on 1 mins

nope its not triggered - stand down - later Dudes

that 5 -10 pip Zone was a major pivot point for me .....its rejection signals perhaps GBP is coming out of red today

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