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Lose Smart.....

A lot of traders i know are able to kind of de-personalise trading (hey its just business)....Ive tried this working with coaches and therapists as well.....but i never 100% get rid of my feelings on losing.....just me ...I have many trading friends who handle losses better than me good luck to them the only generic way to reduce the emotional effects on trading is to reduce your £££ in trades .........sure you can have a multiyear successful track record and convince yourself that over time your edge will allow you to make money ......but its only human to feel irritation when you lose a trade just try to make it irritation (low loss) instead of blind panic / fear / anger (big loss) over the last 20 years I have placed thousands and thousands of trades .....and it still irritates me when i lose a trade !! we are all human so dont fight it....find a way to work with it...or dont do it at all


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