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Oct Forex action

good morning everyone I am currently engaged in a variety of business projects and startups so I am having to limit my Forex trading, training and mentoring work.....not sure when it will come back to previous levels....sorry about that ! meanwhile i am still trading on a daily basis ......not as intense as before (ie 6 hour scalping sessions) ....but always in background hunting out the best signals and alerts using my FXcorrelator indicators and strengthmeter strategies (check out my pages on this website for more insights) lets look at october....... yellow Yen is the alpha bull play so far ...reflecting the jitters in early october equity markets still only some 100 pip net gain vs market not really that significant for a weeks action Cad is struggling perhaps of the back of a softening dollar outlook and elections later in october..... its been nearly 150 net pips down so far .....lets see where this plays Rest of G8 are relatively flat plays so far ....sterling and Euro will increase in volatility as we approach the 31st October Brexit deadline with EU and parliamentary negotiations and Boris's inevitable antics within I continue to generally watch GBP pair opportunities (cant help it its my favourite currency to trade) ...although using the FXCorrelator if i see predominant strength or weakness in any currency then ie will look to trade it in most attractive pairs theres about 10 years of Thread here talking about how i do that so wont bore you now ! have a great week guys N feel free to PM and contact me here or elsewhere and i will get back to you i promise !

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