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Heres more information on using the 8 seperate currency indexes (already linked in the indicators page)

Remember 1 key important thing ....these are independent charts overlaid on one another so they are not equally to scale so always be aware of that merely gives an indication of direction and patterns heres GBP and USD on same overlaid chart ........notice on the daily that both currencies are recently falling .....although that's a good deal buying GBPUSD ........this means that there were much much better currencies to buy into the USD thats the power of the FXCorrelator in showing where to trade ......and my other related software indicators like these ones

heres cable using the 5 min chart and ive overlaid U and G indicators on the chart

can you see the (usual) behavior of USD ranging ?

can you see the obvious areas to see whee it will retrace ?

can you see GBP rising ?

so look for

any decent resistance signals on USD ...and assume GBP will keep rising.....

see A B C and D for BUY signals on cable

easy ? ......sometimes

useful - you bet !


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