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GBP action.....

morning all and thanks for the input of my fellow experienced T2winners !

ok lets put GBP action in perspective .....everyone is saying boohoo to GBP but if you look at the last week its hardly collapsing is it ?

sure if it falters under that red trend line i might be worried .....but until then i will keep hitting the buy button on big plays

scalp wise i trade what i see......its all about perspective......a 4 hour session is not the same as trading a weekly position ....

thats what i teach people alongside my Relative strength meters approach


for example ....this morning I have been happily hitting GBP bull plays from early london open (who cares about the asian session if you were'nt scalping it ? - see second chart below


came back in on cable buy scalps 2915/ 2923 so far


cable 2933....slow but sure


2963........plenty of life buying GBP today


2990......superb mornings trading .....nearly 70 pips up from when i got back in for ride


guys i'm personally trailing around 10 pips back on cable ......still rolling


i came out around 97.....not back in yet ......back later complaints on 80 pip run

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