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25/10/19 Forex Diary


scrappy london morning so far .....not much breaching of +/- 10 pips area from 6am..... so its hard to get a lot of pips running as yet ......ive mindlessly chased Cable as is my achilles heel and as you can see red GBP is rollercoastering as usual .... taken 1 cable bull scalp in 2850s for a handful and a nice sell in 2850's as well for a decent scalp haul to 2830s.....dont ask....... its a risky strategy in truth with on the face of it no concept of market structure .......but i do have some pretty good trigger systems that sit off of my core fxcorrelator directional work so I'm probably a lot more ok than it seems ..... so far technically i would not have let any inexperienced scalpers trade at all as its too slow ....... when GBP goes it really goes..... so im more allowable of the reversal plays at moment given the volatility of that beast ..... in truth Yens bear action looks a safer play .....cant go too wrong playing Yen into Euro most of the time this morning rebuying EJ in 120.60s has done ok so far ..... just remember that GBP and Yen rarely spend quality correlation time together .....they on opposite polls normally .....I use that a lot in some strategies .....

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