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Forex Diary 30/10/19


hey all

slow morning so far from 6am london ..........nothing much really moving .....solid sell signals on yen and USD so im playing CABLE buys .....above 2870s......hardly a pip fest though so far to 2882

euro looking stronger now so on EU and EJ as well looking for opps


cable fallen back ....just had 1 scalp buy for 5 pips since lasr post .....neutral range at moment


Good Moaning NVP - Purely as a matter of interest, I've been watching Cable on the correlator this morning and I was thinking that on the basis of the apparent continuing weakness after the 09h00 numbers and that the $ seems to be turning up (on the 5min) that it might be worth a sell. I've got no intention of doing anything myself as it's a non-trading day for me but I was just curious as to how you're approaching it today.

hey C sure i see red GBP as still weakish on 5 mins ....but im also looking at my fixed chart from 6am opens (top chart on piccie) and im not convinced .....also with green usd also sitting in lower half of that 20ma 5min chart if i were going to trade GBP at all i would look for a currency in top half of the chart as a buy ....grey CHF has been consistently strong this morning personally im out of market at moment .....GBP has oscillated so far and i need to see some firm solid trending slow day so far N

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