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Forex Diary - 11/11/19

10:10 ish .....UK time

ok interesting start to week yen and usd tag team are selling well so far .....loving it bloody europeans wont come north...........its the NZD , AUD show so far .....excellent tribal patterns so im scalping NZDUSD wierdly so far ....not even Cad has stepped up to buy .....normally a great play when most europeans are are sticking to yen usd direction NU 6350s to mid 65's so far ..... im watching Cable though ....GBP has sprung more bull than bear so far today so willing to hammer it again if offered bloody 2791 bear spike south toooo fast to buy back into so its 2800 now ......watching


cable to 2890s .....thank you thank you thank you trading gods .....that was a nice surprise for a monday session

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