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Forex Diary 19/11/2019

13:30 UK time

nice day in market so far ...........amazing bull push on AUD and NZD has skewed the tribal plays though ......they have gone to around +30 pips so far each from 6am ....not my go to currencies for london session so had me in a quandary at times These guys do stick generally when in play ....especially AUD as a solid mover ....I like EURAUD at times like these ....try to add a little more spice than the boring AUDUSD pairing hoping Euro is going to eclipse the volatility of USD .... dont get me wrong - GBP been out to -30 pips at times so a few scalps there for the cable followers .....and if you have the Balls the GBPAUD has been a dream play in hindsight .......... anyway lets see what US session brings ........USD is flat as pancake so cant get any worse ......and perhaps the AUd/NZD gang will fade as they have certainly lost the bull momo at present N

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