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Heres a chart of what happened in April

How did you do ?

Can you see how solid some of those moves were across the month ?

on my Fixed start FXCorrelator (available here for a £15 donation to charity)

AUD was a Solid Buy from week 2-4 then dumped week 5

Euro and Swissie - 3 weeks of solid sell 1-3

and so on off of a 4 hour TF there was plenty of money and PIPS around...perhaps use the basic FXCorrelator indicator (not shown) on a 4Hr as well and trade off perhaps the 7ma pullbacks back into trend

or any other thing you like .....

BUT ALWAYS trade the big movers and trenders ........forget your favourite pairs and trade whats working .....

Thats why so many traders fail have to play the odds and get onto the trending pairs ....they are what pay ....

ok enough - i'll try to do a video on this as well next day or so


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