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Do the Legwork......

Hi There

after Traders quiz me about Forex & my (free) relative strength indicators

(shameless Plug)

The Next #1 question I get asked is this ......

Neil - what the hell signals are you using to get into those trades ?????

lets face it ...I smugly post day after day / year after year all these wonderful correlation charts showing the big trending currencies to trade .....1 min charts, 5 min charts , hourly charts ...even daily charts showing where the big movers are

BUT you say .... SO WHAT !!

Jees guys want it all dont you ?!! .... the keys to the Castle ......the secret of the holy grail ....

after some 11 years of being public with my ideas and systems (and before that 9 years working with trading partners, programmers and private teams to develop them) I have never revealed what I do on the coalface ......

Why Neil ? ....why not ?

seriously ?...........

#1 - I have never claimed or wanted to be a commercial Coach or mentor or teacher or Trader or whatever else this group of people call themselves these days on social media and the big trading forums ....I did once run a simple pilot course on Forex correlation in 2011 I recall but it never developed as i wished and after some staff sickness problems I eventually closed it down....never to appear again time was to precious trading and doing other things to make money

#2 - There are many many ways to enter trending trades....type "Trend Trading" into google and start doing the you think that some 20 years of my work will be revealed like a peep show for even a few thousand dollars ? you think any of these trading academies, lifestyle traders , schools , gurus and experts actually sell anything useful for a few thousand Dollars go do some legwork yourself and build some systems you believe in...its the only way to become a Trader

sorry about that...maybe one day i will come out with something that reveals some of the stuff i use ...but after 20 years of trying literally everything out maybe i will keep the good stuff under wraps for a while yet .....sorry

as a teaser I have dropped one of my core indicators in here to show where it had me looking for GU sell trades this week.....GBP had a monster selloff week but even GU took a break midweek keeping me out of the fun ....then it got me back in without chop anywhere (unlike the 20ma /RSI / Stoch as shown) ....

go find stuff like this and combine with Relative strength indicators to always be following the big currency movers are then 90% there guys ....good hunting


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