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Election Results

morning all

Sorry i didnt post but one of my laptops was playing up a little and so was on skeleton kit abroad ....

ok what an interesting evening and night !

Brexit dominated the agenda with Traditional Labour strongholds migrated heavily to conservative by voting with their historical strong Leave preferences .........they want brexit done ...

my own personal labour gain theory blew up immediately the exit poll was taken .....but i hadnt traded a bean at that point ready to follow what i saw .....

the arrows show where i was active...i played a GBP bull bias initially but later on it became obvious a range was forming so i tried to play both extremes ..........

well done if anyone caught the initial swings (400 pips overall on the night) ..... im happy having played the initial 70-80 pip GBP second push and then playing the 70 GBP pip range later .......plenty of pips overnight for me

clearly I never came near the astronomical pips available on referendum night 2016 but that will probably always remain a lifetime best for me and many others who traded that occasion

so GBP gets into the 1.20's for Euro and 1.30's for USD .........the market likes a confirmed Brexit in 2020

off to bed - cheers all N

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