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Election Special

its not worth trying to predict tomorrows outcome .....personally i feel boris WILL NOT get his majority

  so i would be looking for hammering sterling south ......but however i will still trade what i see 

at the moment for this week I now see Sterling getting sold .....shes now some 80 pips south on the week swinging 110 in the process from tuesdays highs ...............

so i am selling sterling already today so far mainly into Euro as usd and yen both south as well (correlations already a little screwed) ........but early days ...i will see how much i trade through the night ....depends on action and volatility .........if we see some unexpected seats won/lost then the fun really starts ! 

ok since i am limited in only  2 laptops with me abroad and some fairly archaic kit borrowed from a mate i will be lightweight on postings and updates ....i need to focus and use the limited kit i have 

ok gang have fun 


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