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Forex Diary 15th Oct 2020

4 Currencies have held their trend this week so far .... BULL or BEAR 

The yellow Yen has gradually gained every day for 4 days ...solid , reliable , Tradable 

The orange AUD and the blue EURO have sold off nicely ....solid as well

CAD is Bull but having a major retrace at the moment ....

the other 4 currencies have danced above (bull) and below (bear) the Zero line ....especially red GBP that once again shows volatility way beyond the capabilities of the others,  with the exceptions  of Yen and maybe CAD at times 

as a Forex Trader you MUST first understand the behavior of each INDIVIDUAL CURRENCY 

.....only then start to build strategies and systems to trade them in pairs 

only a small % understand this and only a small % make money in forex ......coincidence ? - no !

you cannot overcome what you do not truly understand...... 


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