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Forex Diary 16th Jan 2020

Hey all...

heres where i am this morning .....chasing cable on EJ as well and uchf interesting ...but lets focus on Cable as i know its a big hit with fellow traders

this is a simple representation of what i am doing and certainly not my trigger charts and main trigger indicators .......

Cahes cable down ....then stepped away chasing her up .......another switch is rare for london session so should get some kickers now ........few pips in the bag but i want more from this session....maybe extras from EJ and UCHF will suffice



3060/61 the high so far ..........ZZZZZZZZZZZzz


update ........ive taken 3 scalps on cable since last action ....2 small winners and a small loss 

impossible to make progress in 10 pip range so bailing till i get some price confirmation on either side of range 

been also trying to play NZDUSD/AUDUSD Bulls  (both act the same)....UCHF flatlining ....

frustrating day as green usd index and yellow yen index on charts are solid bears ...cant work money out of them though ...grrrrr

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