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Forex Diary 18th Feb 2020


ok great morning so far

gbp is THE bear ...and usd is trending north brainer for me to hit Cable sells

Remember I do not generally trade the 5min TF for scalping .....its far to slow for me

but I show it here to give an indicatoin of where ive been trading so far


is 2998 new high swing ? ...resell ?


took sell at 2995..


move to b/e so will not give any back


ok GBP struggling with sells now .....moving to other pairs ....back later


hey all ...well earlier i was chasing UCAD buys as GBP got into the twighlight zone and i was unsure of its intentions

GBP rarely sits on sidelines for long and it came big time north reveresed the london bias completely

This is GBP with it or dont trade its pairs (many traders dont and sleep well at nights)

personally i embraced its volatility and madness years ago and Brexit made it worse .....a rollercoaster but much better for profits when you got it right !!!

inevitably i have chased Cable buys above 1.3004/5 ......its even obvious on the 5min chart below

Nice !


nice swing off the 3030 levels back ing obull on cable earlier ....stay hungry on bull


ok us open ......lets see if we get more GBP push north


Boring us session .....if anything the play is buying Euro into Yen or USD .....

Cables volatility  is  a  shadow if its earlier self

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