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Forex Diary 19th Feb 2020

rollercoaster morning ...ive been working with some traders so haven't posted

scalped a few pips on cable but its not been the most trustworty pair by far .....crazy roller coaster action at times !!!

if you had wanted slow easy pips buy CAD into Yen .....which i would never scalp in a million years



im focussing on cable sells ....last scalp around 11:40 fast off of 2984/82 high down to 76

jees its a pain today ......but profitable

stay selling Cable .....and let it come back a lot at times before reselling  .....its real twitchy today



EJ been a buy all mornign and still rockin


ripping cable sells from 56/55 ....EJ buys solid ...even cad buys still holding ...and im dabbling UJ buys but i hate that bloody pair .....(long story)


market is booming ..............superb trades still off cable and UJ and EJ  ....UCad has reversed

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