Forex Diary - 2 weeks ending 10th Sep 202

Forex Diary for the 2 weeks ending 10th Sep 2021

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Good 2 weeks for the Turquoise NZD and Red GBP came well this latest week after a slow start to Sep

Orange AUD was ok but fell this week


Gray CHF had a strong bear week 1 and held week 2

Brown Cad fell this week but very very twitchy at times

Trade of week

Week 1 was Buying NZD into CHF .....

Week 2 it got real twitchy ...selling CAD into USD or even NZD worked at times

my Strengthmeter indicators give me tremendous insight into the FX market and has now provided me a statistical edge for the last 21 years magic boxes and no circus tricks are needed

I ignore the fake Trading BullS#it seen on most Trading Forums and Social media......I keep it real !


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