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Forex Diary 2 weeks ending 2nd Apr 2021

hey gang - last couple of weeks action below ......

my Free FXCorrelator is available here at my website (

and my Fix_Start indicator - available for a small donation to charity here


The biggest sellers were Turquoise NZD in Week 1 and then yellow JPY week 2 (below zero lines)

nothing too crazy though with max levels of around 100 pips .....pretty lightweight


he biggest Bulls were yellow JPY week in Week 1 (closely chased by green USD) .....and then it looks like GBP got biggest in week 2 ...... (above zero lines) ive extended week 1 into week 2 it makes things harder to see what happened week 2 (best to have a seperate new start chart )

overall then red GBP has been the best 2 week bull performer and Yellow JPY has closed out Bear winner

look at the swing play on yellow yen ......thats a high recorded in week 1 and then a massive selloff to the lows on friday ......well done to anyone who shorted JPY ........ive added a second chart to show the actual period of the selloff and the pairs that did the best ...GBPJPY was a superb buy .....

have a great Easter N

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